Lia Sophia Surprise Hostess Event

Okay – first things first.  I promise this ‘musings’ page will not be spammed with everything lia sophia {except for this one time}.  I just want everyone to be aware of the very cool thing that is happening this month because you have the opportunity to win hugely discounted and free jewellery! And who doesn’t love free/inexpensive stuff?!

Many of us may not have the time or energy to attend a party, let alone host a party especially since the holidays just finished up! So what a fun way to add some jewellery to your collection in the comfort of your own home and possibly win some FREE jewellery!  

What is a virtual mystery host party? Here’s how a virtual mystery host party works. Everyone invited to the ‘party’ {yes, that means you too!} that places an order now through January 25th, 2013 is considered a guest. On Saturday, January 26th, one of the guests will be chosen as the mystery host and will receive all the host benefits of this virtual party {see you don’t even have to have a party in your house.. just hang out in the your jammies if you want!}. This means by placing one order you can receive TONS of jewellery.
Shop the Lia Sophia site at:  
  • This month’s customer save plan is: Buy 1 at Regular price, get 2 items at half off!!
    {the 50% off items can be the most expensive items!}
Hostess Info:
Once we have a qualifying show… this is what YOU COULD WIN:
  • 20% of Show sales in FREE jewellery.
  • Any 4 jewellery pieces at $15 (unless otherwise noted). Only Hostesses have the opportunity for this deal!
  • And any 5 pieces of jewellery at half-price.
  • And this month you have the opportunity to increase your Hostess rewards for just $15 and receive 60% of the show sales in FREE jewellery. {This is if we get 10 orders and 2 people decide to book a show! Keep in mind, February is when our new Spring/Summer 2013 collection comes out!}
 Average Hostess Rewards:
$250 Show (minimum) $50 4 5 $150
$500 Show $100 4 5 $300
$650 Show $130 4 5 $390
$1000 Show $200 4 5 $600

 Lia Sophia Mystery Hostess Requirements:
  1. Place an order! 
    $1-$49=1 entry 
    $50-$99= 2 entries 
    $100+= 3 entries.   
    You can view the Lia Sophia catalog online at Click on “Browse Jewellery”, then enter my name: Alex Bolan
  2. Contest ends Friday, January 25th at 11:59 CST
  3. Contest open to Canada only, must be 18 years of age or older.
  4. Winner will be chosen via the old-fashioned way with drawing a name out of a bag. The winner will have 24 hours to respond.
Optional Extra Entries: An additional entry can be earned by doing the following. Leave a separate comment for each of your entries.
  1. Book a home party!   
    January = 5 entries
    February = 3 entries
    March = 2 entries
  2. Book your own online party to ensure your freebies. If you  close out your online party on or before Sunday, January 25th =5 more entries. 
  3. Follow my blog.  Let me know that you did. 1 entry
  4. Share this Lia Sophia Mystery Hostess post on Facebook. Come back here and let me know you did. 1 entry
  5. Follow me on Pinterest. Come back here and let me know that you did.
  6. Subscribe by email to Alexandra Kathlyn

    Keep in mind that during this month there are MANY sales on and a fantastic way to get the most bling for your buck 🙂
    Okay.. done my sales pitch.  Only 17 days left to shop and… win!

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