First Comes Love…

Once in awhile

Right in the middle of an ordinary life

Love comes along

& brings you a fairy tale

For most of the month of January, I didn’t get to see Kyle. He was off doing Man stuff so I focused on City Girl stuff. Shopping, Coffee(& wine) with the girlfriends, making/selling jewellery and hanging out with family/friends.  I even got a trip to Edmonton in and I hadn’t been there since my good friend’s wedding in June.

January 27th was our 2 year anniversary and I had really hoped I’d get to see him.  Sometimes the whole long distance relationship gets really old.  We’ve done pretty good at being together for important occasions but sometimes it doesn’t work all the time.  Last Monday, I found out that I would indeed see Kyle for our anniversary.  I was thrilled!

At Sara & Brendan’s wedding in June 2012
We had such a nice weekend. Relaxed at home (usually we’re always running around, running errands) but we were able to go out for supper at the Keg.  All weekend I wanted Kyle to open his gift but he kept saying I had to wait until our actual anniversary. Sunday morning came and I convinced him to open his gift but he still  wouldn’t let me open up his!!  (I should have figured something out by now) He also kept telling me I should maybe get dressed (what? no pjs all day long?!) I threw on some clothes, put my hair up and we went for lunch with my brother.  When we got back to the house, I kept asking why I couldn’t open my gift.  At least let me open the card!  I figured I’d just make cookies instead… Well to keep this story short… I didn’t end up making those cookies Sunday afternoon.  Instead, Kyle proposed.

SO – Next step is to PLAN A WEDDING!!  I am seriously beyond happy right now.  I knew fairly early on that Kyle was ‘the one’. I can’t wait to plan our life together.  He is the perfect man for me.

Married ladies — any tips/advice/etc that will help me in our wedding planning? I’m totally up for lots of DIY projects!

Much love,

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