Wedding Planning – Week 1

The last 3 days have been an absolute whirlwind!  I also have not had much sleep because I’m so excited… and staying up too late looking at wedding venues, caterers, photographers, Pinterest and Wedding Gawker!  I also want to say thank you – I was so overwhelmed by all the love and congrats Kyle and I have received so far.  It’s a good feeling knowing we have the support from family and friends.

Yesterday I was talking to Kyle how this process could get overwhelming. Then he reminded me we have been engaged a whole TWO days.  Thank you for being the level headed one : I know he will keep me from becoming Bridezilla.
My friend Nicole is a Wedding Planner in BC (Website here. Pinterest is here) {also engaged!} and thankfully she told me to get The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings. I went on to Amazon and bought that baby!  Now I just have to wait for it to get here.  I do know I should probably find a venue (we’ve picked a tentative date!!) and once we have that, everything else will just fall into place…right?   Anyway – I’m looking at a place tomorrow.  We will see how that goes! 
On February 24th is the You May Now Kiss the Bride bridal show. 2 minutes after I told my cousin about getting engaged, she called me back saying that we must go.  Which we are! I have never been to a bridal show so I’m very excited. I’m sure I’ll come home with more ideas than I need but it will be fun. 

I had always dreamed about a huge, dazzling wedding.  Now, things have changed a bit.  I still want it to be beautiful but I do not want it to cost a fortune.  I’d rather put money towards something that will last longer than a day (a house perhaps). I do not need the Vera Wang dress or a million people at my wedding (who has that many close friends and family anyway!). I’ve also decided that I’m going to DIY the sparkles out of my wedding!  Seriously, what better excuse to do crafts and projects?!  I may be enlisting my fairies to help me with some of these projects… I will provide cookies and tea and laughs.
For those who have yet to see the ring… here it is.  Follow me on Instagram and see how the wedding process in pictures!

When you were looking for a venue, what made you pick the one you did? Cost, the feel?  Comment below and let me know.


PS – The number 1 tip/piece of advice that I got on Facebook on “How to be a Farm Wife” was to have rubber boots.  Good excuse to buy these Hunter boots?


3 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – Week 1

  1. To the beautiful bride to be… I would definitely buy the Hunters! 🙂 Or bogs…I love my bogs! Here are three bits of advice I want to share with you… :)1. Choose a venue that means something to you both as a couple.When Jord and I chose Riverdale mini park, which is a campground down by a river, it was because we had both spent tons of time down there golfing, camping and it held some pretty special memories for us and our families. 2. Simple is better. Obviously you want it to be beautiful! You are SO talented and creative, and I know anything you do will be so neat. My advice is keep it simple but meaningful. Choose things that represent 'you guys'. The biggest compliments i recieved at my wedding was how every little detail meant something and represented us completely. 3. Maintain good communication with your caterer, photographer, venue, church, florist, etc. I was dissapointed with a couple things that my caterer and photographer did not do that i had specifically asked them to do. Avoid dissapointment and make sure everything is well communicated and agreed upon. Oh and one more thing! Write your own vows. I am regretting not doing that now, but it didn't even cross my mind while planning my wedding. It makes your service so much more personal. Love your blog and I am SO excited for you!Love you! xxoo Kristen

  2. Hey Alex! I am SUPER excited for you! I can't wait to see all the things you come up with :)Our venue was on the beach at Pike Lake Park. We had chosen a few different locations in the park at first, but there was a lot of flooding that year so we had to keep switching. In the end we went with the beach and I don't know why we didn't think of that in the first place! For me it was the perfect location as it holds quite a few memories of my childhood (the guys usually don't care as much, so I'm glad Paul let me pick haha) My advice on venues- don't over think (I know that's easy to say) but even if you don't get the 'perfect' location, it WILL turn into the 'perfect' location. No matter where you are, you will always remember it as the place you got married to your best friend.I wish you all the happiness my dear!

  3. Okay, the rubber boot comment is pretty apt. When I married into a farming family I was ill-prepared clothing wise! I have since purchased rubber boots and plan to buy some coveralls (Carhartt's are great).Also – being able to whip up a meal that feeds a crowd always comes in handy.My mother in law is both a tried and true farm wife AND has great style. You will be great.

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