Fashionable vs. Functional
This picture is deceiving.  Looks sort of pretty.  It is not. It’s cold.

I live in the North Pole…okay maybe not technically but yesterday in Saskatoon it was -27 (felt like -38)… the North Pole was -36 feeling like -36.  How on Earth am I supposed to dress fashionable in weather like this?!

I find it very challenging to dress stylish in this frigid weather. I have so many outfits that I want to wear but I end up sticking to boots, lots of sweaters, big scarves and my hair in a top knot due to static {after work I put on a cute trapper hat/toque}. I think it would be different if my office was warmer too…and didn’t have to walk 10 blocks every day after work. 

I’m often on fashion blogs where all these über stylish women have these great winter looks. Honestly, I do not know how some of these women do it. Put together a style, then put on a smile and go outside and take pictures.  Kudos ladies, kudos.

I realized I’m not as devoted to fashion as I once was.  In high school {and SIAST} I would wear my pretty flats in the dead of winter. My feet would die but at least they had great shoes on them! Now, I double up on the wool socks, put on my Uggs {I actually have Kirkland ones}, usually layer leggings and jeggings and then a couple sweaters…  

These are some of my essentials during the winter.  Even though I may get really bundled up, these 4 pieces add a bit of style to my michelin man look.   I also throw on a pair of earrings or bracelets to jazz it up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

{Top Scarf : Joe Fresh/Suede Gloves : Smart Set/Bottom Scarf : Winners/Fur Hat : Danier Leather}

Which do you pick – fashion or function?


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