Wedding Planning – Week 2.5

So I started to write this post last week and I didn’t actually have any updates… I was stressed because neither venue had returned my call or emails.  And the days that I wanted, we already booked.   I figured in order to get some sort of response, I should be a bit more proactive.  So I called the one venue and just booked a different day!
Now I can happily/excitedly say that we have a day picked – we will be getting married on a Friday in November (& it will be an evening wedding). I (we) figured that way we could spend the weekend with everyone too! The venue isn’t very pretty now but I know that we can make it beautiful.  One of the biggest things we needed, was a place to hold a bunch of people.

The next thing to accomplish is finding the right photographer!  Once I have that settled, I can calm down a bit 🙂 I have a bunch of people that I’ve talked to and there are so many different wedding packages, along with huge price differences.  I know that photography isn’t something we want to skimp out on since the photos will be what we keep forever. I would ideally like to have 2 photographers – especially while the girls and guys get ready.  I’d also like to be able to meet up with the photographer before hand cause sometimes people are awkward…which would make for great photos…right?  Someone who is fun and knows what to capture.

If you have any suggestions for Saskatoon wedding photographers, please leave a comment below! 

Also, the last 2 nights I have had wedding nightmares.  One was just plain awful and Kyle kept making cry sad tears and the other one, we were all running late. I didn’t have the right dress on.  My makeup or hair wasn’t done. The flowers were wrong.. And no one showed up. The dress nightmare actually woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep because I was anxious.  What’s up with that?!! Did anyone else have wedding nightmares.. 

I hope everyone has a great week – productive, encouraging, and fun.  And good dreams 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – Week 2.5

  1. The only wedding nightmares I had were that I was marrying someone I didn't want to marry…like a co-worker, or some random guy from high school. If you've got the right guy, I'd say the rest is just a bonus. (This coming from a woman who let her husband make most of the wedding plans…even down to the flowers! If I had it to do over again, I'd be a little more involved 🙂 – Amy Genesis

  2. Love that picture with the quote. It is beautiful! Are you going to write your own vows, or is that information in a post to come? I am still so excited for you two!!

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