Country Girl Preparation

Now that we’re engaged, it officially means I’m going to become a Country Girl {you’ll never get the city girl out of me though!}.  I’m not exactly sure how smoothly that transition is going to go.  I’ve spent a lot of time in the combine with Kyle but I have a feeling, I’m not going to get to do that as often once I move there. 

Both of my Grandmothers were farm wives.  Never did I think, I would follow in their footsteps. “Back in the day” people were moving from the farm to the city.  I am now doing the opposite. I know how to make pasta and go to McDonalds. Next weekend, my Grandma B is coming over and teaching me how to make some of her famous eats!

I’m hoping that I will be able to make some good, tasty food by the time we get married.  Thankfully, Kyle is not a terribly picky eater.  As long as I avoid foods with turnips or Saskatoon Berries… he should like it! Although I don’t cook very often, when I have, it’s tasted good. Hopefully I can keep it up!

To the right is a photo of Tammy’s homemade buns.  I will really need to learn how to make these, since someone eats about 4 sandwiches a day, during farming season.  When I’d be at the farm on the weekends, I would make tons of sandwiches and then in the afternoon, go for a combine ride.

Then there was this one time I went to make cookies…. This is what I did to the mixer (picture over there <<).  It died a slow and chocolatey death. Now you can laugh at me like I laughed at my misfortune.  I was embarrassed. Everyone laughed (I did too). I think I should practice up a bit more before I destroy any more appliances. 
I’ll post an update on how my training day with Grandma goes.  I hope I don’t mistake sugar and salt! (Just kidding – I’m not that incompetent!)
Tomorrow I am heading to see Kyle – he will be racing his vintage snowmobile and I will watch him race. Actually, I’m going to shop on Saturday and watch on Sunday 🙂
Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday — if you have any great recipes that you would like to share, I would like to make them!

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