Before I Move…

Remember my post about Today is Life and how I said I need to live in the now? Well, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to do that at the moment!  Planning a wedding and planning a life with someone, forces me to think in the future. 
My brain is always daydreaming about the colour of flowers for the wedding, how I want to decorate Kyle’s house once I’m living there {I actually figured out exactly how I want the office to look like… and a list of Ikea pieces I’d like to get}, what I’m going to do for a job, who will I hang out with, is our wedding going to be pretty? 
I realize that it’s impossible {for me} to fully live in the present but I don’t dwell on the future and the “what if’s” as much.  I only have 9 months left in Saskatoon and then I’ll be living in the country for good.  How do I want to spend my last months in the city?  Do I want to enjoy my time while it lasts or spend it decorating rooms in my head?
 What I want to do before I move….

  • Keep creating new pieces of jewelry 
  • Apply for the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival pop-up shop
  • Attend SF&DF (get people to buy my jewelry!)
  • Spend time family – coffee/tea/eating cake/crafting
  • Have baking days with Grandma
  • Hang out with friends…(and then strongly encourage them to come visit me all the time in country – we’re close to the lake!)
  • Go to the Farmer’s Market more, go for walks by the river
  • DIY projects with friends
  • Go to events, network, volunteer
So for the next little while I am going to be focusing on some of these things.  Obviously, I will still plan a wedding but I really want to take full advantage of my remaining months as a city girl.
If you have any ideas/advice on things/events I may have missed, feel free to add your ideas below!  I always love hearing what others have to say.
~Alex — there’s one more thing below… check it out!

    PS -Below are a few sneak peaks of what’s going up in the market place on Friday… Come back and see what needs a new home!
    Infinity bracelet -
    Bracelets on the right
    Bow necklace & chunky chain bracelet

    One thought on “Before I Move…

    1. This might seem silly, but one of the things I miss the most from living in the city is good coffee. And yes, I am talking about those $5 over-priced drinks from an actual coffee shop….somedays you just need a triple-espresso! 🙂

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