Fashion Friday — Country Edition

The first date I ever went on with Kyle involved sitting in a car all day while he raced vintage snowmobiles. 3 seasons later, I’m still sitting in vehicles, watching him race.  Now, I was NOT prepared for this world and quite frankly, I doubt I’ll ever quite ‘fit in’.
The first time I went, I definitely looked like a city girl.  I had on a lot of leather —  I had my boots, bomber jacket, gloves, purse.. I looked done up. (I’m sure PETA is going to find me now…)
I learned that what I SHOULD HAVE worn was this ‘beautiful’ suit below… Notice the pretty pink… it’s probably really warm so the pink suit has 1 point.

Polaris Snowsuit
What I ended up wearing was almost identical to this outfit I created on Polyvore.  I thought that as time went on, I would maybe dress smarter… (and warmer) but I haven’t.  Sometimes I end up putting a pair of fleece lined leggings underneath my jeans and wear big wool socks.  Then I just stay in the car.  

Leather basics

I’ve decided that I’m going to buy a pair of Sorels at the end of the year (when they’re on sale).  They’re not the ugliest boots out there and at least they’re warm!  But I’m not going to fully sacrifice my cute jackets and jeans for a big bulky snowsuit. 🙂

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend — and stay tuned for new jewelry on the website this weekend!


Leather blazer

Steve Madden flats boots

VILA tube scarve
$31 –

Astis Shasta

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