Fashion Friday – What’s your style?

First things first.  What do you think of the new look?! When I first started this, I didn’t have a clue how to make this blog look the way I wanted it to. After a bit of playing, I’m getting closer to the vision that’s in my head. Obviously I’m not a graphic designer… Or a computer/web guru but I’m getting by and it’s slowly coming together.

I was having one of ‘those days’ when I was trying to come up this week’s Fashion Friday.  Since I started blogging, I have also started following/reading some fabulous fashion/style/lifestyle blogs. As a newbie in this foreign world of blogging I catch myself comparing my stuff to others out there.  They all have great bags, amazing shoes and overall fantastic style.  

How I feel about my style compared to Fashion bloggers 🙂
I realized that my style is fairly simple (especially during winter months in Saskatchewan). It gets cold here sometimes, really cold, and wearing my heels is impractical. My go-to items are generally jeans, boots, sweaters and scarves.  I always have lots of jewellery on, hiding underneath.  It’s okay if I’m not dressed up all the time… It makes going out with friends a lot more fun cause I can do myself up. 
I must admit, I would love a pair of Tory Burch flats but at this point in life Joe Fresh flats make me very happy!  I’m just going to keep being my simple style self and dressing things up with accessories.  I will not compare myself to others out there cause that doesn’t help. Just makes me a whiner. 
So stay tuned for What I Wore posts in the future now that spring is just around the corner! 
Ps – Kyle, if you are reading this…my birthday is next month 😉 

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