A Northern Weekend

This weekend I got a great taste of what it will be like living in a small town (I’m sure someone will correct me and say that I grew up in a small town — true.. but I was 15 minutes from the city making me think I was a city dweller) It was a weekend full of vintage snowmobile racing and eating burgers out of the Chrome Dome Diner. The weather was pretty fantastic on Saturday too (Sunday not so much)!

For the past couple years, I would sit in the vehicle, read, drink coffee and occasionally look up to see if Kyle was racing.  Now that I’m going to be around for a lot more of these events, I actually helped out at the concession.  It’s called the Chrome Dome Diner and it’s in an old camper.  Small little thing but does the job! To tell you the truth, I was a bit nervous to help out (haha!) We had a very long line up and lots of hungry people to feed.  It was fun hanging out with the ladies all weekend, helping serve food. There were a lot of laughs and by the end of the day with them, I knew I’d made some good friends.
Even though snowmobiling may not be my favorite thing, I absolutely love the community involved with it.  I keep on meeting more and more people and I look forward to getting to know them more.  I know it will still be an adjustment moving but at least I won’t be alone.    

Kyle and Keith – both winners this weekend!
After all the festivities came to an end, Kyle and I had date night. We barely saw each other all weekend. We rented a movie, got A&W, and blizzards. It was a perfect way to end the weekend. Relaxing and peaceful.
Stay tuned for a post about bullying in honor of Pink Shirt Day last Wednesday and another one to update you on wedding plans!
Happy Monday,

PS – A VERY happy birthday to my sweet Mother dearest.  I hope you have a fabulous year. xo

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