Wedding Inspiration ~ 8 Months To Go…

Honestly… there’s not a whole lot to update on.  I have my venue (by “I” I always mean “We”), potentially have the ceremony spot, have my bridesmaids, I think Kyle has his groomsmen.
I have been using the Martha Stewart wedding website and it has been a lifesaver. I entered the date of our wedding and it spit out a list with 140 things to do and when they need to be done by. Yikes! Although it looks incredibly overwhelming, at least I know what actually needs to get done.

First page of our to-do list.  Happy Planning, Alex 🙂
Every once and awhile I get these tiny spurts of anxiety. There are still so many things to get done and 8 months doesn’t seem like enough time.  Since we are doing an evening wedding, I’m not sure how the timing is going to work.  We have to decorate the morning of the wedding and I’m not sure if we will have enough time to decorate, get our hair done & get ready, take photos, and everything else…before the ceremony? (Beware: Anyone who mentioned, “If you need any help, let me know.” I am going to hold you to your word!) Thankfully, our decorating shouldn’t be too big of a pain, since we aren’t having a sit down meal (*gasp* there will still be food, I promise!) Whatever does happen, I’m sure it will all be perfect. I’ll end up a Mrs. one way or another!

So instead of fretting, like I normally do, I decided to make a wedding inspiration board.  My next major thing to do is book a photographer and find a dress! I have not picked a specific style that I must have. What happens if I go and that style looks awful on me? I never bought a grad dress when I was in high school, so this is a first time going into the stores as a buyer. I’m nervous and excited!  I would really prefer a dress that has straps but some of those strapless gowns are stunning.

Wedding Inspiration

Does anyone have recommendations for Dress Shops in Saskatoon?  I’m looking for a good deal on a dress as well as good customer service!  Also, did you have a criteria when you were looking for a dress?


2 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration ~ 8 Months To Go…

  1. I know you said Saskatoon, but I did a photoshoot at Main Event Bridal in Moose Jaw and the women there were super friendly and helpful. Also the dresses were beautiful and it was really fun trying them on. -A. Hussey

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