Etsy Shop Grand Opening & Giveaway!

I’m sure many of you already know what’s going on in today’s post, but I thought I’d share it anyway! On Friday, March 15th, I officially opened my Etsy Store: Alexandra Kathlyn Accessories!
I’ve been making jewelry for a while now but I haven’t really done much to promote and sell the pieces.  What normally happens is this: I make a piece. Fall in love with the piece. Keep the piece for myself. I decided I should probably share it the world, instead of being a hoarder.
I love jewelry and accessorizing. Adding a couple bracelets, earrings, and necklace to what would otherwise be a boring outfit.  Depending on the accessory, you can make an outfit more classic looking, feminine, edgy or trendy.  
My pieces lean more towards the feminine and delicate side of things with the occasional bold, statement piece and I love working with gold chain, swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones.

This quote describes me perfectly. I’m not doing this for fame or fortune (I wouldn’t say no to those) BUT I’m doing this because I LOVE it.. even if nobody else cares. I enjoy the creative process and what goes into creating something beautiful. My hope though, is for others to also enjoy the jewelry, like I have!
Go take a look at the shop and keep coming back because there will be new pieces up each week! There are some really pretty earrings that are perfect for Spring! 
Also, I’d like to thank those who have supported and encouraged me. Without it, I would not be where I am today!

There will be a giveaway once I hit 100 likes on Facebook. The winner will receive something that I’ve been working on but isn’t up on the shop yet.  So like away and share with your friends!  If you share my page, you will get an additional entry.
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