Say Yes to the Dress!

As a girl, I always dreamed about my wedding and since the discovery of Pinterest, I’ve had my dream wedding planned out. Everything from the center pieces to food, to bridesmaid dresses, to flowers and of course, the dress.
If you went on my Wedding board on Pinterest (it’s a secret board so you can’t actually see it.. sorry folks!) or saw my last wedding update post, you would see a huge variety of dresses. Ivory dresses, blush dresses, strapless, ball gowns, slinky dresses, chiffon dresses, lace ones, plunging necklines, low backs.  You name it, I’ve probably been interested in it. 
Not too long ago someone asked if I had tried on dresses yet and I said no… they gasped a little gasp and said I should get on that. Apparently, it takes awhile for these dresses to come in. So I had to see when my Mom, Sister and Mother-in-Law to be would be able to get together. I figured out a date and I set up an appointment with Exquisite Fashions and Bridal.  I had heard some great things about this new-to-Saskatoon, bridal boutique and figured I should check it out.
When I got there, I showed the Sales Lady the styles I liked and off we went! She let us loose in the store and we just pulled anything that we wanted. I started trying on dresses and fell in love with some…others not so much.  It’s hard to get the true sense of a dress when they were all 10 sizes too big.  Eventually, the owner brought me a dress that he thought I may like. I gave it a whirl and fell in love. I may have even teared up a bit and said, “Ohh so this is how it feels when you know ‘it’s the one’.”
I must admit, I felt incredibly nervous to try on dresses. The opposite of what I should have felt. Even though I had the ring, and venues booked…it still didn’t feel too real. Trying on that dress made the wedding tangible and I knew this was for real. At the same time, I also realized how many things I still had to check off the list!
Yesterday, I ended up checking off a few things on The List. I booked my photographers – Matt and Janna but Julie has joined their team, so she will be at our wedding!  I have had my little heart set on them for probably 2 years. Actually, before I even was dating Kyle. I love their style and they seem to really capture the true sense of a couple. A lot of the photography portfolios I looked at seemed way too serious and seductive. It’s my wedding day. I want you to see the joy and love!
I officially ordered my dress and set a date to meet with the Pastor. It’s all coming together and now it’s time for more fun things! Invitations, relaxing a bit, and just enjoy being engaged!

2 thoughts on “Say Yes to the Dress!

  1. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a dress to head to Exquisite! They made the dress hunt so enjoyable and I loved the fact we had the store pretty much to ourselves!

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