March in Photos

I decided that at the end of every month (I’m a day late!), I am going to do a photo update. Something fun for those of you who may not see my photos on Instagram or Facebook.  I’m sure you will notice a trend.. pictures of jewelry and cats. I will openly admit that I am a bit of a cat lady. Judge me, I’m okay if you do 🙂 

This month has been busy and exciting.  I was able to check off a lot on my wedding list and got my Etsy store up and running. I hope you enjoy some of the ‘day in the life of..’ photos.  Happy April!

Obviously not interested in self photos and more interested in games
The very best chocolate one can have during the Easter season
A very bad kitty! He got onto the island and knocked it over. 
Ima Painter. Messy one.
Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop!
Creations by me.. and camo!
Eek! Time is ticking. Lots to plan still
Necklaces part of the Darling Collection
Leetle bottle of wodka
Page 1 of the ‘To-Do’ list 
Alexandra Kathlyn Creations
An Owl Re-do
Free Starbucks & Wedding Planning – Nothing better
Arm Candy – Michael Kors and Alexandra Kathlyn
Long Gold Chain necklace – made to order!
Little Dahlia Earrings – up in the store! Other colours there too
A ‘throwback’ to Europe 2011. Loved this adorable Italian couple
Coco never cuddles but she must have missed me

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