The Little Things In Life

I’m sure we have all had good days and then some bad days.  Sometimes I get these little bursts of excitement that start in my stomach and make their way to a huge smile on my face. This happened 3 times before 8:30 am the other morning and then the next day it snowed and that day was not so happy. 
Even though it is technically Spring is Saskatchewan, Old Man Winter seems to be overstaying his welcome. So despite the snow, I thought I’d do a little post about the little things  that make life great!

Sunshine/Good Weather: After almost 7 months of Winter, being woken up by sunshine is glorious! When I see the sun streaming in through my blinds, I’m instantly happier. No waking up on the wrong side of the bed for me that day. Good weather in general will make me happier. Since Spring is here, that means we get to spend some time at the lake soonish (I hope). Floating on the water is so relaxing and much needed after a week in the city.  Hooray for sunshine!

Coffee: Whether it’s hot or cold. In the morning or afternoon. By myself or with a friend.  Coffee is always good.  I don’t normally buy splurge drinks but every once and awhile I do. I love a good Starbucks drink! I went 3 days without coffee this week and when I finally had some it tasted better than ever.

Mail: I’m obviously not talking about bills. I’m talking about fun mail! Who doesn’t love getting a package or a card?! I love coming home to parcels… even seeing the parcel card makes me excited because that means I have something to look forward to the next day.  Occasionally, I`ll forget what I bought so it then feels like Christmas again!

People: This last week I was lucky enough to see a lot of my favorite people. I got to see some family unexpectedly this week and it was so nice to catch up.  Even knowing that I have get- togethers or events means I get to spend time with entertaining people.  Sometimes running into old friends or going for coffee and having a good visit can totally make my day.
Food: I will admit that vegetables make me grumpy. Steak on the other hand, makes me very happy. Good food in general makes me happy… noodle bowls, sushi, icecream…pizza. Surprise me with some Haagen-Dazs and I’ll be forever thankful! 
My very favorite icecream
Pizza at Famoso (wish SK had one)
A New fill in the blank: I hate to admit it (okay, maybe I don’t) sometimes a bit of retail therapy can change my whole mood! Whether it’s a new Essie nail polish or new stationary or earrings. For me, ordering new supplies will get me really excited because it means I get to create something new and beautiful.
Me Time: Reading. Pinterest-ing. Crafting. I love taking some time by myself and working on my jewelry. It’s relaxing and helps clear my mind. Using the creative part of my brain is needed after working with people and in the office.  Once I finish a piece and put it on, I’m usually very pleased and happy. It’s very satisfying when I have an idea in my mind and I’m able to re-create it. 
There we go, a few things that make my days better. Instead of complaining about the snow, I will look at the list above and try one out before being miserable. I failed to mention animals up there but they definitely have a tendency to  make my days better. Coco always seems to know when I’m having a crumby day and actually cuddles on those days. Thanks, Kitten!
So… What type of things make your days better?

PS -Happy Spring!

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