Spring is Here! {BEDM}

I think I can safely say… Spring is here!  It’s taken it a little while but the snow is pretty much all gone and we haven’t had a -16 day in over a week. That’s a good sign, right?
Since I was young, Spring was always my favorite season.  With 6 months of Winter, how can one not love the next season?  So why do I ‘ooh and awe’ about Spring… this is why:
    • Winter is over and the snow is gone!
    • I can see the ground and grass  (I am not a fan of the major potholes though!)
    • Flowers start growing and blooming
    • The sun comes up earlier than 8:30am
    • Birthday celebrations 
    • Spring Fashion – brighter colours, more chiffon tops. I also get to wear my rain boots and flats. I love putting away my parkas and winter clothing and get into something lighter.
    • Seeing little calves running around the fields
Today my family and I took a walk and it’s the first walk I’ve gone on in months! The fresh air, exercise and conversations were so nice. I can’t wait to get my bike all fixed up and I’ll go for rides and enjoy the nice weather more. And in a couple weeks there are the town garage sales (yet another things great about the new season!) I’m hoping to find some great deals and work on some new DIY projects.
So tomorrow, go outside, go for a walk and enjoy Spring!  Just think, in a month and a half it will be summer!
Here’s my question to you today:  What do you love about Spring?


This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge

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