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I have many favourite blogs that I regularly read. Some for inspiration and others just because they’re amusing or informative.  There are many different types I follow too.. From financial freedom blogs to web design to fitness blogs. So I am going to share with you some of my favourite reads and be sure to check them out too and see what I mean!
Inherited Jeans – Steff of Inherited Jeans is probably one of my favourite bloggers. As Steff says she is ‘a proud Canadian, lover of sushi and Starbucks and does fashion on a budget’! That’s my kind of girl! Steff has amazing sense of style and her looks are totally re-creatable. I love how many of her looks are created with Joe Fresh, H&M but also higher end brands. I would also call Steff a blog/twitter/instagram friend. I always enjoy what she will post day to day and see what she comes up with next! 

Made By Girl – Jen Ramos is an NYC blogger, entrepreneur and artist. Her blog is full of all things beautiful – art, decor, style and food. I originally came across her blog through Pinterest when I found some iPhone cases that were super chic! From there I found it was more than just her online store but there was also a blog. I love seeing room tours of her NYC home and I would LOVE an office like hers. It’s beautiful! So go on, go check out Made by Girl and don’t forget to look at her online store too! 
And Then We Saved – I have no idea how I ran across this blog but I am SO glad I did. Anna paid off close to 24k in debt in only 15 months. Her blog is all about:  How to do a Spending Fast®, saving & making more money. After just reading her bio, I knew I’d found a gem. I’m all about living a debt-free life, saving and making money. She has so many tips and advice to get towards a debt-free life or if you are debt-free, how to save and make money. It’s a great blog to check out!

I Spy DIY – Who doesn’t love a great DIY blog?! I go onto this blog when I need inspiration or ideas for a new project. There are a ton of fabulous jewelry, clothing, accessories and home do-it-yourself projects that are all fairly simple to do. It’s fun going through my closet to see what stuff I can re-purpose after reading her blog.

Hello Fashion – This is the blog that goes along with the online boutique called Ily Couture. I am obsessed with Ily and all the great pieces (clothing, jewelry and purses) and I LOVE that shipping to Canada isn’t an arm and a leg.  Hello Fashion is full of style posts using the hot items from the Ily Couture website and there some great giveaways on the blog too.

What are some of your favourite blogs to read — leave the links in the comments below!


This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge

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