Day in the Life {BEDM}

Today’s Topic: A Typical Day/What I Did Today
Every day is quite different for me. I’m currently working three jobs and then doing my jewelry on top of that. So essentially I have four jobs and there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ day…Some days involve the 2 office jobs and other days I paint and some I just work 1 job. During the week I’m on the go, all the time. But today was my day off so I was particularly lazy.  I even slept in past 8am!
My days usually start with coffee and breakfast (and a visit from Miss Coco). Today was the same and I leisurely got ready for my day. Since I was heading to the Farm for the weekend, I also needed to pack. After getting ready and packing, I set off for a 2.5 hour drive (it felt like the longest drive of my life for some reason!)
Slept in – Coco helping me pack – Getting dressed – All packed and ready to drive

Once I got to the Farm, I visited with Kyle for a bit and then went into the house to work on some jewelry. After making a few things, Kyle and I had to go into town and pick up a truck. Once we were home, it was time to enjoy the beginning of the weekend.
Driving – More Driving – Arrived at the farm – Made some bracelets
Watering Hole
After hanging out with the family for awhile, we took a drive (there was a lot of driving today) to see some of the flooding around the country side. You can’t really tell from the picture below but the Saskatchewan River was crazy looking – the water was gone but full of ice! It was a bit eery feeling but overall a lovely Saskatchewan evening.


How do you spend your days off? Relax? Run errands?


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life {BEDM}

  1. My latest guilty pleasure: ER. I am completely addicted. It's like I think it's real and I just HAVE to know what happens the next day in the ER, what happens in George Clooney's love life. It's awful.

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