Fit and Healthy {BEDM}

Today’s Topic: Health & Fitness
I was not looking forward to this topic when I first saw it. I will openly and honestly admit that I don’t like working out and I really like McDonalds. So I wasn’t really sure what to write about.
I figured I should start exercising seeing as it’s getting close to beach season but also the countdown to my wedding is on. I would definitely like to be in better shape by November than what I am in now. I know I am petite but I am trying to be healthier in general and that means exercising more.
My sister and I recently started a squat challenge and then added a plank/ab challenge to the mix. The first day started with a set of squats then the next day the number increases. It’s the same idea with the plank/ab challenge. I find that when I finished doing my squats and my heart rate is a little higher, I want to keep exercising. Crazy how that works!
Now that it’s nicer weather I’m planning on doing more biking and going for walks… Maybe turn walks into jogs. I’m hoping this will just be the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. The hardest part is getting the motivation to wake up a bit earlier or getting off the couch!
What do you do to get (or stay) motivated? Any tips would help!
PS – These are the Challenges that we’re using. I just Google’d them so I can’t take the credit 🙂
This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge

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