A Weekend of Remembering

It’s been awhile since I last wrote and to be honest, I have had major writer’s block. I have never claimed to be a writer, (I used to detest writing) and I began blogging to talk about my transition but lately I haven’t had any sort of desire to write. Last night I figured I should just get back in the saddle and write. So here I am,  back in action. This post is to remember and honour an amazing girl I met a few years ago.

I met Morgan when I was attending SIAST and started dating Kyle. I was nervous to hang out with all of his friends because they were all so close. I came from the Business course and us business kids didn’t really interact with a lot of the other programs at school. I was an outsider coming in to this tight-knit group of Architecture students.

Morgan was one of the first people to welcome me with open arms and we ended up being instant friends. Every time I saw Morgan, she either had a massive smile on her face, was laughing  or just enjoying life in general… lighting up any room she ever walked into. She was always living life to the fullest and loving every moment of it.


If I ever needed to talk to Kacey, I just looked for Morgan. If I needed to talk to Morgan, I just had to look for Kacey. True soul sisters

Morgan passed away tragically 2 years ago and this past Friday marked the 2nd anniversary. This past weekend, a bunch of Morgan’s friends attended the 2nd annual memorial camping weekend. It’s a weekend where we could gather together to honour and remember the life of our friend; to share stories and memories.  On top of that, it is a time to support one another in the grief and healing process.

On Friday night, we wrote messages on these huge helium balloons I had and released them into the sky and on Saturday we lit a paper lantern and sent it off as well. I felt this sense of peace… as if Morgan was there with us.

Photo 2013-07-19 9 55 14 PM

I miss her and wish we could have spent more time together. I’m glad I didn’t make any excuses as to why I couldn’t hang out when I lived in the same city as Morgan. I still remember one particular evening where I was just tired and not in a socializing mood. She had called Kyle and I and asked if we wanted to hang out. I hummed and hawed but ultimately Kyle ‘made’ me go. I am so thankful he convinced me to go with him because that was the last time I saw her pretty face. I think we were trying to plan a girls camping weekend actually…

For me personally, the camping weekend is not only to remember Morgan, but also reflect on my own life. What impression am I making on the people I come into contact with? How will people remember me?  What legacy am I going to leave behind?  Am I really as kind and gracious as I could be (I know the answer to this one..)?  I hope that when it’s my time to go, I can ‘look back’ and say, “Alex, you did good.”

So as the next day comes and the years pass, I continue to strive to be a better, kinder, more loving, more gracious, more (insert positive characteristics here) person. My challenge to all of us today: Reflect on your life, how will you be remembered? Or How do you want to be remembered?

And Morgan, you’re forever in my heart. Thank you for showing me so much kindness and including me. It meant the world to me.


3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Remembering

  1. Very well written Alex! I love reading your posts. This one was definitely a big eye opener for me. Morgan sounds like the type of girl that everyone loved.

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