Engagement Session & 3.5 Months to Go

Yesterday wasn’t an awesome day until I was told I could pick up my our 🙂 engagement photos. I knew before I was even dating, that I wanted MJ&Co Wedding Photographers to do my wedding photography.  They (Matt & Janna at the time) seemed to capture a couple’s true self rather than the over-posed, super serious photos of some others I looked at. The day after we got engaged, I had already talked to Matt and basically booked soon after.  Any time I’d get anxious about wedding planning, I’d remind myself that at least I had an amazing fiancé and unreal photographers!

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I met with Matt and Julie (MJ&Co expanded!). We spent a couple hours going around the city, holding hands, laughing, smoochin’, and smiling.  Matt and Julie did an amazing job at making me feel relaxed and told us exactly what to do. By the end of the night, I knew we made the right decision hiring them.

When I picked up the flashdrive, Matt told me I couldn’t look at them until Kyle was with me. I knew that wouldn’t happen so I got permission from Kyle and I opened the package! I was floored when I looked at the photos… I could hardly believe the pictures I was seeing were of us.  This is not supposed to sound arrogant but we look good!  I was/am SO incredibly happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to get some pictures developed and framed.

So here are a few of my favorite photos from our session.

MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0068_web MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0243_web MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0282_bw_web MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0346_bw_web MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0375_web MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0477_web MJCO_eSESSION_KyleAlex_0573_bw_webI loved that we were able to find a canola field… thought that fit perfectly for our City/Country dynamic. NOW, if you’re looking for a photographer of any type (corporate, wedding, kiddos, boudoirs) go talk to MJ&Co today!  You will not be sorry when you hire them but you may be sad if you don’t.

OH! I can’t forget to mention who we got our fun balloon props from: Balloonatic YXE. Jen was so awesome to work with. We had such a short time to get them made and she did a fabulous job coming  up with something perfect in no time at all. If you need some fun/different displays, give Jen a call!

Now, next item to tackle on the wedding list… appetizers with our Caterer!


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