Spending Diet Part II


Some of you may have read my Shopping Addiction post and know that I’m currently on a spending diet, specifically a diet from clothing/accessories/shoes (with the exception of wedding things).

Been wondering how I’ve been doing? I have successfully made it 67 days without spending money on these things! At the beginning of September, I also added a few more things to my No Spend list: unnecessary coffees/lunches and beauty products. I’m really trying not to spend money on anything that I do not absolutely need!

But, it’s been hard. I have caught myself multiple times shopping online, putting things into the online shopping cart and hitting ‘BUY’. When I realize what I’m doing, I quickly remove everything from the cart and exit the website. You’d think I’d feel good but I end up feeling deflated. I thought I’d feel a sense of accomplishment or empowerment…but I don’t. It’s especially hard for me because Fall Fashion is my favorite and I have a tendency to buy every fall trend that comes my way.

Fall 2013 will be different from previous years. There are some big life changes that are happening in my life, so being money conscience is incredibly important these days.  Getting married and buying a new house – both things cost money and little things tend to add up! I really can’t afford to go buy a new pair of boots when our house really needs a paint job and new flooring and couches.

I have to continually remind myself that what I’m doing is a good thing! Saving money is not bad.  Impulse buying is bad and this whole spending diet creates discipline… and my bank account is happier {my fiancé will probably be happier too}!

To guide me during the next 93 days, I have created a list of the things I need to buy. If I’m out and see something that I think I should get, I look at the list. If it’s not on there, I will put it down and keep moving. If I feel like it should be on the list, I will wait 48 hours before buying it.

Have any of you tried a spending diet?  What are some of your tip/tricks/advice to avoid spending and save more money?

{SIDE NOTE: Recently, a friend told me she was going on a spending vacation. I must say, I’m going to use this term instead of my ‘No-spend Diet’. Who likes diets anyway – everyone loves a good vacation! }


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4 thoughts on “Spending Diet Part II

  1. One thing that keeps me from visiting the cute little temptress shops these days is a morning nature walk. After walking an hour or so in the woods, on a trail, or at a park, I feel more centered and often too tuckered out to go to town. Online shopping is still a big challenge where I spend loads of time sitting in the dark, researching products with one hand (while baby naps). I’m not big on category budgets so taking a spending vacation seems like a good way to hit the reset button in my shopping habit!

    • Online shopping is still a major temptress for me too! I have unsubscribed to all my discount sites and any sales emails I got before. I work a block from the mall so I have to plan my walks strategically otherwise I end up in Sephora!

  2. Since Ben and I decided to build I have been trying to save too, and you’re right, its so much harder than I thought, and you miss those little hits of retail therapy! Right now I am struggling to not buy furniture and a million little decorate-y things for the house which isn’t even in construction yet! I like your idea of making a list of things we need, because we will need things, and I want to start looking for perfect furniture pieces now rather than freaking out when the house is done and impulse buying ten things at once!
    Everytime I feel like buying myself something I don’t need, I remind myself that it could contribute to a nicer couch, pretty wallpaper, or the SMEG oven I’ve fallen in love with. I went through my closet to remind myself of all the clothes I hardly get to wear (as a farm wife I have lots of ‘nice’ clothes that don’t get as much wear as they used to!) so I think of that when I am tempted to clothes shop. When I want an afternoon coffee that I don’t really need I think of the espresso machine at home on the counter where I can make better coffee than the stressed waitress at the cafe anyway… It’s all about stern mental pep talks!!

    • I can only imagine how challenging it’s going to be once I actually move into the house! I have so many ideas of how I want the house to look and I’m always scouting for an awesome piece to put on the coffee table or a shelf. So you’re not alone! It definitely comes down to self-discipline and pep talks. Good luck with saving, Steph! (and see you soon :))

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