Okay – this has been the longest MIA I’ve had in the last year, so my apologies! I promise I have a great excuse…I got married {for those who didn’t know}! The 2 months before the wedding were an absolute whirlwind. My contract position ended, I worked a bit for my Mom’s business, sprained my ankle (3 weeks before my wedding, oops!), packed and moved (some) of my things up to the new house and finished wedding planning.

Then the big day happened! That too was a whirlwind – a beautiful, a little stressful, amazing day. I was able to spend the day with so many great friends and our wonderful families and at the end of the day I was a Mrs., married to an amazing man. I will say that my absolute favorite part of the day was the ceremony. I always thought I’d enjoy the reception the most, but really, without the ceremony, there would be no reception. Just thinking about the ceremony makes me tear up a little but puts a massive smile on my face and a flutter in my heart. (cheesy much?)

Before you scroll to the pictures, I have one last thing to say. Thank you to everyone who helped set up/takedown/made delicious food/kept me calm, attended, celebrated, gave us advice and supported us! We had written our thank you’s out but I think I went off script and was a bumbling mess. There were so many people who made that whole day possible and it wouldn’t have turned out without them. So, again, thank you!

Picture time! Photography by the most talented photographers Matt Ramage and Julie Isaac of MJ&Co.

{Click photos to enlarge}

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