About Alex Kathlyn

Hi —

I’m Alex (only my great-grandmother really called me Alexandra) and I have always considered myself a ‘City Girl’…as much as one can be living in a prairie province. Growing up I imagined my life living in a big city like NYC or Montreal working in the fashion industry.

Photo by Matt Ramage

Photo by Matt Ramage

A few years ago I started dating a fantastic guy who turned out to be a farmer. Life took a few fun and exciting turns and it looks like I will I am a City girl living in a country world.

This is my place where I talk about my transition from my city life to country life.  I know there will be some bumps along the way, a lot of learning and adjusting but I’m ready for this exciting adventure called Life.

I also own a small business, Alexandra Kathlyn Accessories. Make sure you take a look a look at the shop before you leave! AKA

And if you still want to know more about me…

Random Things About Me

  1. I am 24 25, went to school for human resources and now work with in the entrepreneurial world.
  2. After high school I traveled to England by myself and went to school there.
  3. I have a cat named Coco. I take way too many pictures of her. Check her out on Instagram
  4. I am the oldest of 3 kids. A have a fantastic sister and hilarious brother. I love them both to bits.
  5. I love the Mediterranean.  And cruises in the Mediterranean.
  6. I do not like winter, yet I live in a province where there’s almost over 6 months of it. I’ve survived -50 weather before.
  7. I lived in Quebec for a summer {that’s when my love for “the city” really blossomed}
  8. Nutella, Pizza, Bacon and Oatmeal Cake with coconut icing are my favorite foods.
  9. I love peonies. Prettiest flowers in the garden.
  10. I am a sympathetic crier. It’s embarrassing at times but I cannot help it! I see someone sad and the water-works just begin.
  11. Barcelona, Spain is my favourite city in the world.
  12. I only know 1 language… Even though I dreamt in French when I lived in Quebec.
  13. I attended Dale Carnegie training and it was life changing. I also had the chance to coach a course after.
  14. Ice cream is another favourite food but I’m lactose intolerant.
  15. I love IKEA.
  16. I have expensive taste. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to match.
  17. I don’t actually like writing. Oh the irony of this blog!
  18. I went skydiving by myself. Jumped out of a plane all on my own!
  19. I have an irrational fear of octopus and squids.
  20. My middle name is Courtney but I will be legally changing it once I’m married.
  21. I make delicious brownies.  But I don’t like sweets.
  22. I hate scary movies.
  23. I would like a German Shepard someday. Or a French Bulldog.
  24. I enjoy yoga. I should make more of an effort to do it.
  25. I’m a coffee fiend.
  26. I spend too much time on Pinterest. Addicted.
  27. I really enjoy Twitter.
  28. I love life and all things sparkly. I love glittering anything I can {I’m a magpie}
  29. I’m a fashion enthusiast… again without the bank account that backs it up.
  30. I’ve eaten ostrich egg omelets and shark. That’s the most adventurous I have ever been while eating.
  31. I wear a lot of leopard print.
  32. I am a newlywed 🙂

 Now that you know a few things about me, I hope you enjoy the musings of a city girl.



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